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Personnel policy

NCCP’s personnel policy is based on the strategic profile of Fuel Company TVEL, and is focused on enhancement of competitiveness of its products in the world market.

The main target of the personnel policy is fulfilling the plant’s demand for the competent personnel who are interested in the ultimate results of NCCP’s activities.

The basic principle of NCCP’s personnel policy is efficient use of the employees’ knowledge, skills and expertise in the interests of the enterprise and for their own benefit, assurance of continuity of competences and skills. Personnel management is carried out on the principles of law observance, corporate and professional ethics and personal interests of individual employees.

Personnel policy is pursued through procedures whose scope is determined by the plant’s goals:

  • Creation of the system of labour remuneration to stimulate enhancement of labour productivity and products competitiveness;
  • Elaboration of the system for the aggregate remuneration of employees based on the unified corporate social standards;
  • Establishment of the education system to ensure transfer of knowledge and skills, improvement of tutorship;
  • Formation and development of labour potential;
  • Pursuance of social policy;
  • Organizational arrangements for optimization and efficient use of available labour potential.

One of the primary tasks of the personnel department is creation of the age-balanced plant’s team. Such approach provides for the transfer of unique knowledge, technologies, and traditions.