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Social commitments

Social policy is no less priority for NCCP than its production activities. It is realized through several social programmes in the field of:

  • employees health protection;
  • assistance in improving housing conditions of the employees;
  • selective support of the veterans and non-working pensioners, young people and families.
Housing programme

The programme is targeted at encouragement and retention of the front-rank workers and employees through incentive schemes. Under this programme, NCCP’s employees enjoy financial support in the form of partial payment of mortgage credit interest.

Medical provision

The aim of the programme is to contribute to health protection, prevention of occupational diseases, recreation of the employees and their families. High-quality ambulatory and hospital care is provided through voluntary medical insurance programmes apart from what is offered in the framework of the obligatory medical insurance policy.

Support of veterans, non-working pensioners and families

There are several programmes aimed at improvement of material security and social involvement of the veterans. One of them is financing of nongovernmental pension plans which provides monthly addition to pensions.

Part of NCCP’s income is used for material support of large and low-income families, orphan children, monthly allowance for women till their children are 3 years old, compensation of costs of keeping children at preschool institutions. There is also a special project for support of physically disabled children. Their parents get financial aid and can also avail themselves of the medical, psychological, and legal assistance free of charge.

Pension plan

Its objective is employer’s and employee’s joint responsibility for the provision of acceptable living standard after retirement, social adaptation of nonworking pensioners, optimization of the personnel based on the plant’s current and long-term development projects.


For many years NCCP has been involved in charitable projects (financial, material, etc), participating in social activities of non-commercial and public institutions of the city. NCCP’s main objective is support of such activities in the sphere of culture, education, arts, medicine. NCCP offers help to orphan’s homes, children’s sports and educational organizations, veterans’ associations, health-care institutions, and head institutions which train and educate personnel for the enterprise.