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Trade union organization


NCCP’s trade union local (TUL) is one of the biggest in Novosibirsk and in nuclear industry in general. It was founded in 1949, and now it is the member of the Russian Trade Union of the workers of nuclear power engineering and industry.

TUL unites not only current NCCP’s workers and employees but also those of NCCP’s subsidiaries. The membership totals over 3400, apart from 4000 of the veterans.

Main scopes of TUL’s activities:

  • Protection of interests of employees and workers of NCCP, subsidiary companies and organizations which maintain cooperation with NCCP through conclusion of collective agreements, legal counseling, assistance in settling labour disputes, including collective bargaining.
  • Active participation in elaboration and implementation of «Industry Agreement in Nuclear Power Engineering, Industry and Science» and «Tripartite Agreement» in Novosibirsk Region.
  • Control of observance of labour protection requirements, safety engineering, and labour legislation at NCCP and its subsidiaries.
  • Organization of sanatorium-and-spa treatment of NCCP’s employees and veterans, sponsorship of health-promotion programme and all-year maintenance of children’s health camps.
  • Contribution to sports and cultural activities for trade union members and their families.
  • Financial support of trade union members.
  • Enhancement of social partnership with employer, administration of municipalities, city and regional authorities, law-making bodies, management of Fuel Company TVEL and State Corporation ROSATOM.
  • Improvement of the current and search for the new efficient tools of increasing trade union membership.

TUL has authority to sign Collective Agreement on behalf of the employees, carries out surveillance of observance of its provisions by employer and employees.

There are additional programmes for trade union members:

  • Insurance against domestic and industrial accidents.
  • Free legal counseling on all relevant issues.
  • Discounts at more than 600 shops in Novosibirsk.
  • Free use of sports facilities.
  • Additional medical examinations on favourable terms.
  • Discounts for services of travel agencies.
  • Mortgage financing at a reduced rate.
  • Special programmes for housing projects.
  • Sanatorium-and-spa treatment at reduced rates for the employees and members of their families.
  • Services of mobile operators at reduced prices.
  • Study at higher educational establishments on preferential terms.
  • Possibility of participation in social life, sports and creative activities.
  • Charity activities.
  • Possibility for participation in social, cultural and scientific activities of the city, region, country.

NCCP’s TUL was a pioneer in realization of a number of social projects aimed at enhancement of membership motivation and creation of a positive image of trade union movement.

NCCP’s TUL is a winner of several All-Russia trophies in trade union activities.