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PJSC NCCP is the Russian manufacturer of Lithium-7 (with Li-7 isotope fraction of total mass not less than 99,95%). This product is only manufactured in the form of Lithium-7 hydroxide monohydrate.


This material is used in nuclear power engineering as an additive in PWR reactor primary coolant for maintaining water chemistry, in manufacture of chemical reagents for nuclear power engineering, and as a basic component for preparation of nuclear grade ion-exchange membranes which are used in PWR coolant water treatment facilities.

Lithium-7 hydroxide monohydrate is produced by electrolysis of lithium chloride water solutions using mercury solutions. After electrolysis, Li-7 hydroxide monohydrate solutions undergo further operations: purification, crystallization, centrifugation, drying, sieving and magnetic separation. The resulting product is in the form of white crystals.

Li-7 hydroxide monohydrate produced by NCCP accounts for over 70% of Li-7 world consumption (by isotopic composition). Equipment modernization carried out in 2012-2013 will make it possible to double the volume of output.