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Lithium salts

NaСlO Sodium hypochlorite, technical grade
ТУ 4713-010-07622236-2007
Visual appearance Liquid substance ranging from greenish-yellow colour to reddish-brown 10 days after manufacture
Physical and chemical properties Powerful oxidizer. At temperature over 350С decomposes with formation of chlorates and emission of chlorine and oxygen. In contact with liquid oils or organic combustibles such as sawdust, cotton waste, wiping cloth, etc may cause their ignition when dry
Application Grade A is used for disinfection of drinking and household water, residential and industrial waste water, tare in meat and dairy industry, in manufacture of bleaching agents and disinfectants.

Grade Б is used for disinfection of areas contaminated with sanitary sewage, domestic and other waste, and for neutralization of sewage water.

Physical form

Chemical composition: Grade А Grade Б
Available chlorine mass concentration, g/dm3 Minimum 120 Minimum 120
Alcali mass concentration calculated as NaOH, g/dm3 Maximum 40 Maximum 90
Package Shipped in steel rubberized container (truck tank) or in shipping containers complying with regulations for transportation of caustic/corrosive liquids of Class 8, Subclass 8.2 as per State Standard GOST19433. UN Identification Number: 1791, Hazard Identification Number: 80.

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