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NCCP’s Test Centre (Accreditation Certificate № РОСС.RU.0001.512041, valid till May 19, 2015) renders outside services in carrying out a wide range of analytical analyses and research
Scope of measurements and testing

Uranium and uranium-based chemicals; lithium and lithium-based chemicals; fuel elements and fuel assemblies for nuclear power engineering; aluminum alloys; high-alloy steels; drinking, natural and sewage water; zeolite catalysts; materials for chemical power sources; auxiliary materials (composition and properties incoming inspection); non-organic acids; salts; organic substances; paint-and-lacquer materials, etc.

Scope of accreditation

Methods of quantitative analysis of chemical composition, physical and chemical properties of substances and materials, including drinking, natural and sewage water: gravimetry, titrimetry; electrochemical methods: polarography, inversion voltamperometry, coulometry, potentiometry, conductometry; chromatographic analysis (gas, liquid and ion chromatography); X-ray diffraction method; spectrometric methods: flame photometry, atomic absorption, atomic emission arc analysis, atomic emission spark analysis, atomic emission with inductively-coupled plasma (ICP), spectrum isotopic analysis with isotopic dilution; determination of gas-producing impurities in metals, alloys and oxides via thermal conductivity and IR-spectrometry; mass-spectrometric isotopic solid-phase analysis, mass-spectrometric analysis with ICP; radiometry; test methods: metallographic, X-ray, mechanical.

Normative and metrological base

Normative documentation related to methods of measurement and testing – ISO, ASTM standards; national and industry standards; industry and factory instructions; methods specified in technical requirements; certificates of approval of measurement procedures; standard samples of units under analysis of various grades.

Availability of equipment

Over 200 units of measuring, testing and auxiliary equipment of domestic and foreign manufacturers: quantometers and metallographic microscopes (LOMO); X-ray defectoscopes (PHILIPS, ZEIFERT); multichannel spectral analyzers for atomic emission analysis (VMK-OPTOELEKTRONIKA); fluorimeter, mercury analyzer PA-915+, ion meters (LUMEX); X-ray diffractometers (NPO BUREVESTNIK); spectrophotometers (THERMOSPECTRONIC); mass-spectrometers and atomic absorption spectrometers (SELMI, PERKIN-ELMER); atomic emission and ICP mass-spectrometers (INTERTECH, PERKIN-ELMER); grain size laser analyzer (MALVERN); balance and titrators (METTLER-TOLEDO); mills and vibroshakers (FRITSCH); balance (SARTORIUS); oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, sulphur analyzers (LECO); alpha- and beta-spectrometers (CANBERRA); ion chromatograph (DIONEX); apparatus for measurement of powder specific surface area (MICROMERITICS); chromatographs, devices for sample microwave decomposition (PERKIN-ELMER, CEM); spark atomic emission spectrometers (GMR); devices for determination of tap density (QUANTОCHROME); laboratory furnaces (NABERTHERM).

Quality Management System

Quality Management System complies with State Standard GOST ISO MEC 17025-2009.