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Zeolite catalysts

Zeolite IK-17-1 powder ТУ 2163-006-07622236-2005
Produced under license granted by G.K. Boreskov Institute of Catalysis (Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

ApplicationAdditive in oil cracking catalysts (FCC) to increase octane number of cat-cracked gasoline and olefins content in cracking gas (feed stock in the production of alkylate and polypropylene).
Performance advantagesIntroduction of 3% of zeolite IK-17-1 in the cracking catalyst makes it possible to increase gasoline octane number by 1,5-2 points and feed stock content by 25%-27% and 22%-25% in alkylation processes and polypropylene production accordingly.

Catalytic activity at low residual Na2О content and in the absence of modifying elements. Catalyst is developed on the basis of ecologically clean high-silica zeolite system; which does not contain heavy metals, and is non-explosive and non-pyrophoric.
Main physical and chemical parameters:
Structural formZeolite of ZSM-5 type
ZSM-5 mass concentration90% min
Mass concentrationSilicon oxide: 93,2% – 95,7%;
Aluminum oxide: 4,3% – 5,7%
Sodium oxide mass concentration0,16% max
Bulk density 0,6-0,8 g/cm3
Novelty of solutions in formulations, production processes and IK-17-1 applications is protected by a number of the Russian patents.
PackagingFor all modes of shipment, the product is packed in sealed polyethylene drums of 65 dm3 capacity. Product mass in one drum does not exceed 52 kg.

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