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Personnel development

Development of management personnel covers search, education, and retention of the promising management staff that can be adapted to variable production environment.

The aim of the project is:

  • Assurance of management personnel stability;
  • Assurance of management succession and continuity;
  • Enhancement of employees’ involvement
  • Enhanced management responsibility for the development of management reserve
  • Enhancement of employees’ motivation through maximum transparency in appointments and relocations
  • Increase of efficiency of investments in education and development of employees
  • Creation of a stable and highly professional team
  • Realization of the innovative potential of the young employees

Total process of management of the stuff reserve is presented in the form of the following procedures:

  • At least three potential employees one of them being a full-fledged successor are selected to fill key positions (managers of all levels and key/limiting specialists);
  • Reserve employees are selected based on the unified system of comprehensive candidate assessment;
  • High-potential employees are determined; they are included in the dedicated development programmes and involved in corporate projects; they are capable and motivated for self-development; they are educated in different management, economical, legal, and social aspects.
  • Participants of these programmes are main tools for implementation of changes, they are internal speakers and coaches in controlled system.
  • Reserve employees fulfill themselves through active participation in project implementation.
Comprehensive personnel assessment

Annual personnel assessment is a basic process in improving work efficiency. Such approach motivates the employees for successful achievement of production targets.

Objectives of annual assessment:

  • assessment of management capacities;
  • assessment of available competencies and elaboration of employee’s individual development plan;
  • determination of candidates for horizontal and vertical career rotation and for introduction in the personnel reserve;
  • determination of the individual incentive bonus;
  • determination of the annual bonus.
Personnel education

Education is carried out based on the monitoring of production requirements, taking into account employees’ knowledge, skills and competence.

Preference is given to the graduates of the core educational institutions, e.g. Moscow Institute of Engineering and Physics and its branches.