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Power reactor fuel

NCCP started serial production of VVER-1000 fuel for nuclear power plants (NPP) in 1980-ies. Up to now over 25000 fuel assemblies (FA) of VVER-1000 type were manufactured and supplied to 31 power units of 13 NPPs in Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Iran, India, China.

In 1997 – 2008 NCCP fabricated fuel for VVER-440 reactors. In total, over 2500 work and fuel assemblies were manufactured. In 2012 NCCP resumed fabrication of the upper and bottom nozzles for the work and fuel assemblies of VVER-440 type.

Today, NCCP’s fuel supplies account for about 6% of the total installed power of nuclear power reactors worldwide.

Fuel assembly manufacturing process comprises such operations as manufacture of uranium dioxide powder and pellets, loading of pellets in the fuel element (FE) claddings and their pressurization, fabrication of component parts and FA assembly operations. This technology has been employed and modified for more than 30 years.

FE and FA production complex is automated and equipped with up-to-date control systems which ensure stability of manufacturing operations and high quality of finished products.

NCCP turns out 5 basic FA models for VVER-1000 and VVER-1200 reactors. All models of these FAs are hexagonal and differ in embodiment of their components and skeleton design.

NCCP participates in the development of PWR fuel of the Russian design. PWR features a 12-foot core and 17x17 FA array. PWR is the analog of the Russian reactor VVER-1000 and is operated in the Western Europe, North America and South-East Asia.

The most significant difference between FAs of two designs lies in their cross-section: in PWR it is a square instead of the hexahedron. The Russian equivalent of the word “square” begins with letter “K”, hence the name of the new fuel assembly: TVS-K. JSC TVEL initiated development of this new design. Special Design Office JSC OKBM AFRIKANTOV developed fuel assembly. JSC VNIINM designed fuel elements. NCCP refines design and technological solutions, carries out strength experiments, fabricates the dummies, carries out preproduction activities to comply with the most exacting standards of quality and efficiency.

NCCP fabricates fuel pellets for the fuel elements of VVER, RBMK and PWR type to satisfy in-house demands and supply to other enterprises involved in nuclear fuel fabrication. Annual capacity for fuel pellets fabrication makes over 600 tons.